Morris Old Premium Rare Liqueur Tawny 500ml

Using classic Australian Tawny varieties predominately Shiraz and Grenache, the grapes are allowed to fully ripen before harvesting.
After crushing a partial fermentation is allowed before pressing. A specially selected low strength spirit (a spirit with character) is used to fortify the young wine.
The wine is then placed into old barrels and casks for several years to develop the desired aged rancio Tawny characters.
Only the best casks, some as old as 40 to 50 years of age will find their way into the Old Premium blend prior to bottling.

$109.99 each

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Lifted aromas of aged mature fruit and developed aged rancio complexities.


Multi layer structure of mature fruit, with aged oak/rancio characters and almond flavours, balanced with spirit dryness and a long persistent textured flavoursome palate.

Varietal Composition:

Shiraz and Grenache
Morris Old Premium Rare Liqueur Tawny 500ml
$109.99 each