Morris Old Premium Rare Liqueur Muscat 500ml

A wine style unique to Australia, this world acclaimed Premium Muscat is an example of the outstanding fortified dessert wines made from the Brown Muscat grapes grown on our vineyards in the Rutherglen area of North East Victoria.

The grapes are left on the vine as long as possible to obtain maximum sugar level and then hand-picked. On arrival at the winery, the grapes are crushed and allowed to partially undergo fermentation, before draining and pressing, then a high strength neutral spirit is added to arrest the fermentation and fortify to 17.5% a/v alcohol. The grapes are then transferred into oak casks and barrels to slowly mature for many years.

Only the best vintages of Muscat are selected for the Premium Muscat and all of the wines have won awards in the major Australian Wine Shows. In blending, a range of vintages are used, the older wines giving intensely concentrated luscious flavours and aged complexity and the younger wines imparting the fresh fruit character.

$109.99 each

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Intense raisin fruit and soft wood aged characters.


Rich, luscious and supported by rancio complexity which gives a great depth of mouth filling and lingering flavours.

Varietal Composition:

Morris Old Premium Rare Liqueur Muscat 500ml
$109.99 each