Rieslingfreak No.2 Polish Hill Riesling

Polish Hill River is renowned for producing Riesling of elegance, and the 2023 No. 2 is no exception.

Rieslingfreak source grapes from a number of different vineyards. These vineyards play a vital role in the Rieslingfreak portfolio. Each individual vineyard is hand selected for the Rieslingfreak Rieslings. The aim of Rieslingfreak is to provide a range of Rieslings, representing both region and style. It is therefore important the selection of these vineyards have the classic attributes for each of the Rieslingfreak labels.

These Rieslings are sourced from the Hill River Vineyards, which were acquired from Penfolds a number of years ago. The vineyard is situated in the sub region of Polish Hill River, approximately 5kms south-east of the Clare township. The vineyard is planted on grey brown loam, over sandy limestone and shale rock and planted 460m above sea level. The average rainfall is 625mm.This vineyard was hand selected, due to its ability to produce large vines, large bunches and large berries, the perfect combination to produce very refined Rieslings, typical of the Polish Hill River style.

$28.99 each
$26.67 in any six

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Highly perfumed with aromas of fresh grapefruit, jasmine, chamomile and apple blossom, with a hint of peachy sweetness


The palate is crisp yet silky- soft, with a fine, talc-like minerality imparting a pleasing slipperiness to the texture in the mouth.

Varietal Composition:

Rieslingfreak No.2 Polish Hill Riesling
$28.99 each
$26.67 in any six