Lis Neris Pinot Grigio 2019

The first Italian town to greet the river Isonzo as it meanders its way out of Slovenia is Gorizia, historically Europe’s most contended border settlement. Flowing south, the river crosses enchanting countryside dotted with tiny villages nestling around their bell towers and vineyards where the spirit of the place beats time with the rhythms of daily life .

On the right bank of Isonzo River, Pinot Grigio has found ideal conditions to express its
qualities at a high level.
The warmth of its structure and the freshness of its sapidity are perfectly integrated so that
the wine gains personality and can be better appreciated.

$52.99 each
$48.75 in any six

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Intense and fruity, opens onto mineral notes, hints of lime and kiwi in evidence, closing almond


Fresh and tasty, fairly smooth and balanced, with a nice lingering finish that reflects the sense of smell

Varietal Composition:

Pinot Grigio
Lis Neris Pinot Grigio 2019
$52.99 each
$48.75 in any six