Babich Pinot Gris


From several vineyards positioned throughout Marlborough comes this rich, full bodied Pinot Gris which is partially barrel fermented. It has stone-fruit and spice flavours with a soft finish – medium dry in style.

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Enjoy now or 1 to 2 Years


The sweet, lifted aroma of proving bread appeals on the nose along with pleasant notes of white stone fruit, with spice and citrus adding to this sensory delight.


Sweet Danish pastry and spicy pear tart emerge out of the succulent and sweetly fruited palate. Generous mineral flavours compliment the rich and full weight. Ginger and lemon zest add a pleasing zing to the finish

Varietal Composition:

Pinot Gris
Babich Pinot Gris
Original price was: $17.99.Current price is: $15.90. each