Woods Crampton Mataro


What began as a yearly diversion for label designer Aaron Woods and marketer Nicholas Crampton has grown into a full time obsession. The ambition of Woods Crampton is to create unforced wines that showcase the quality of their fruit and tell the story of their vineyards.

Sourced from the Marschall vineyard, a eighty year old organic and dry-grown vineyard, planted on its own rootstocks to clones unknown, in the Vine Vale district. The loose sandy soils reflect sunlight in a similar way to the Rhone’s pebbled vineyards and are well suited to Mataro.

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Sweetly fruited and savoury with dark berry fruit, blueberry, kirsch and mince pie spice.


The first taste brings a wall of mouth-filling flavour, all licorice and dark fruit, with a touch of orange peel. The wine is all about unforced fruit intensity and a balance between glossy fruit, stalky whole bunch complexity and bright acid.

Varietal Composition:

100% Mataro