Rameau d’Or Golden Bough Provence Rosé

Rameau d’Or is a fantastical tale of enchantments, transformations and love. A magical golden bough from an enchanted garden was given to a prince, by an eagle, to awaken a sleeping princess. A bough so powerful that a single leaf from it would make one rich, young and beautiful.

Unfortunately this prince was not the most handsome man in his kingdom. Choosing a fulfilled soul over outer beauty, he and his newly awoken princess set about to transform the lives of those around them.

This Provence rosé, like the prince, is also beautiful on the inside

$28.99 each
$26.67 in any six

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A delicate coloured rose showing the traditional pale onion skin tones. Hints of wild strawberries and delicate spicy notes reminiscent of rose petal.


The wine shows immediate soft berry-fruit flavours that are immediately appealing. A crisp, dry finish with exceptional length rounds off the wine.

Varietal Composition:

Grenache (70%) and Cinsault (30%)
Rameau d’Or Golden Bough Provence Rosé
$28.99 each
$26.67 in any six