Oyster Bay Pinot Noir

The philosophy of Oyster Bay is to produce fine, distinctly regional wines that are elegant and assertive with glorious fruit flavours.

With every vintage Oyster Bay are working with more established vines from a steadily growing number of small vineyard blocks, each site chosen specifically for its uniform soils of moderate fertility providing for slow ripening and enhanced flavour development.

With Pinot Noir the fruit is always the primary focus, but of course Oyster Bay have many opportunities to influence it with traditional winemaking techniques to add subtlety and complexity.

$20.99 each
$19.73 in any six

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Enjoy now or 1 to 2 Years.


Fragrant, soft and flavourful with aromas of ripe cherries, plums.


Gentle sweet fruit tannins to provide serious structure and length.

Varietal Composition:

Pinot Noir
Oyster Bay Pinot Noir
$20.99 each
$19.73 in any six