L’Atelier Pommard 2017

The L’Atelier range is the natural extension of Benjamin Laroche’s offerings of Burgundian cuvées now expanding to the rest of the region and its famous red and white wines.

Artisan winemakers craft each cuvée of l’Atelier following state-of-the-art rules. From plot selection to uncompromising winemaking, they work thoroughly all year round to age wines representing the best of their terroirs.

L’Atelier expresses this passion for excellence. It combines in-depth vineyard knowledge and expertise with the heritage of the ancestral history of Burgundy.

$105.00 each

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Enjoy now or 7 to 10 years


It shows aromas of blackberry, blueberry, and cherry stone. A wild evolution towards animal notes often appears when ageing.


With time, flavours of leather, chocolate, even peppery notes start developing. To enjoy young with expressive and flavoursome food or, if connoisseurs are eager to let it age carefully, the delicacy of the Pinot Noir will show all its complexity with tannins that will soften with time.

Varietal Composition:

Pinot Noir
L’Atelier Pommard 2017
$105.00 each