Gangloff “La Serene Noire” Cote Rotie 2016

Mathilde et Yves Gangloff, based in the Rhone Valley, have distinguished themselves as exemplary wine producers in Condrieu, Cote-Rotie, and St.-Joseph. Their journey from grape sellers to recognized vintners highlights their unwavering commitment to quality, reflected in their meticulous vineyard management and winemaking.

Their vineyard holdings of 2.4 hectares in the Combard, Mollard, and Rozier lieux-dits of Cote Rotie boast steep, cool terroir with a rich composition of granite, gneiss, and mica schist soils. This unique terroir, combined with careful viticultural practices, has enabled them to produce exceptional wines that express the authentic character of their origins.

La Sereine Noire, made from 100% old vine Syrah, is a blend of grapes from both the Cote Blonde and Cote Brune. Its vinification involves the removal of 50% to 60% of the stems and an aging period of up to 24 months in new French oak barrels, which makes it a wine of depth, complexity, and distinct character.

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