Fickle Mistress Pinot Noir

If you're a Pinot Noir lover, Fickle Mistress is a deliciously perfumed style of Pinot that you'll definitely want to try. Why the name Fickle Mistress you ask? Pinot Noir is a notoriously difficult grape variety to grow and to nurture to optimal ripeness – quite simply, she's a fickle mistress.

The Fickle Mistress Story:

Pinot Noir; she’s a minx and a devil in disguise. Known to be notoriously difficult to cultivate – but with luck, love, perfect conditions she will reward you with the performance of a lifetime.

With perfume seductive and flavours alluring, she’ll make you cry with joy and weep with pain. A prima donna in the vineyard, she’ll perform only when conditions are perfect; cool climates, slow ripening.

Pinot Noir is fickle, but she is charming, she is temperamental but bewitching. She is the Fickle Mistress.

$21.99 each
$20.67 in any six

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Enjoy now or 1 to 2 Years from vintage.


Dark crimson, this wine is bright and tempting. The nose begins with intense dark cherry and plum, unfolding to reveal sweet spice.


The palate is tightly structured, yet generous and mouth filling with oak complexities supporting the fruit. Exquisite balance between acidity and fruit sweetness makes this wine simply moreish.

Varietal Composition:

Pinot Noir
Fickle Mistress Pinot Noir
$21.99 each
$20.67 in any six