Valdespino Pedro Ximenez Yellow Label Sherry

Valdespino is one of the oldest bodegas in Jerez, if not the oldest. Its history dates back to the 13th century, when King Alfonso X rewarded the knight Alfonso Valdespino for his help in liberating Jerez from the Moors. Valdespino was given a parcel of vineyards and started making wine.
Made from the Pedro Ximenez grapes, once harvested, they are left out in the sunshine for at least
two weeks. This causes water to evaporate from the grape turning it to raisin, the sugar level rises so
that when matured using the ‘Solera and Criadera’ System.

$29.99 each

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Intense mahogany colour, with aromas of raisins.


On the palate it is rich, velvety and very smooth with a long after taste. To be served during dessert slightly chilled or delicious poured over ice cream.

Varietal Composition:

Pedro Ximenez
Valdespino Pedro Ximenez Yellow Label Sherry
$29.99 each