Maidenii Sweet Vermouth 750ml

Gilles and Shaun, winemaker and bartender, were first united over their love of the negroni. They were both convinced that the sweet vermouth used in the classic should never overpower the gin. Accordingly, they created the Sweet to be perfectly balanced both as a vermouth and as a component of the cocktail. Maidenii Sweet will take your negroni to unchartered territory.

$51.99 each

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Along with Maidenii’s heroes strawberry gum, sea parsley, river mint and wattleseed, Maidenii Sweet Vermouth boasts grapefruit, mace and angelica root.


Designed with the classic Negroni in mind. Build 30mLs of Maidenii Sweet Vermouth, 30mLs of Campari and 30mLs of a gin of your choosing. Garnish with an orange twist.

Varietal Composition:

Cabernet from Central Victoria.
Maidenii Sweet Vermouth 750ml
$51.99 each