Tengumai Yamahai Jikomi Junmai Ginjo Sake 720ml
Founded in 1823 in the late Edo period. The present head is 7th generation. At that time the Kura (brewery) was surrounded by dense forest where Tengu (long-nosed goblin), an imaginary being which had been Japanese tradition with mysterious power seemed to exist. The name Tengumai is derived from the meaning that even Tengu would dance after tasting this sake because the sake tastes so good. Since its foundation, the Shata family has been brewing sake in this beautiful pastoral land. The brewery is located in Ishikawa which is in central Japan and faces the Japan Sea. Within 30 minutes drive from the brewery is the city of Kanazawa, which is renowned for its high level of art, food, culture and their magnificent Japanese gardens. It is considered a smaller version of Kyoto in many ways. Tengumai, amongst a selection of premium sakes, produce Yamahai sake which is very well known and respected, and matches many different foods, and has distinct flavour, texture and taste.
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Grilled fish, Black Garlic Cod, scallops,BBQ duck, chicken or lamb. Strong miso or soy sauce flavoured dishes such as Teriyaki, Sukiyaki or Miso hot pot.
This sake is classic Tengumai, made using Yamahai method. 'Jikomi' means 'procedure' or 'method'. This Junmai sake has been matured in tank more than 12 months. It has slight golden color, and full of flavour, complexity and good acidity.
Yamahai is a very old and traditonal technique, and Tengumai have mastered this technique and it is reflected in this sake. Lots of spices, tumeric and even aged chese aromas. Rich and complex on the palate, with savoury, creamy, citrus characters, it has an incredibly long finish.
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