Chopin Potato Vodka 700ml

Chopin Potato Vodka is naturally gluten-free and the world’s most awarded potato vodka. Its uniquely creamy and full-bodied flavor profile makes it a great standalone vodka, ideal for sipping neat or in martinis and cocktails.


Chopin Potato carries a bold but well-rounded mouthfeel that will hold up to anything you choose. We suggest limitless options, showcasing it in herbaceous cocktails with basil and rosemary, or sweet veggies and fruits, like tomato, celery, and carrot to find exciting combinations. Highlight bloody marys with its natural umami or ignite the sense with an unforgettable celery spritzer. Of course, straight up in a classic martini is our first choice.



$84.99 each

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Subtle green apple and vanilla nose


Creamy and earthy taste. Full bodied mouth-feel. Long, clean finish, no burn
Chopin Potato Vodka 700ml
$84.99 each