Dewazakura Saku Sparkling Junmai 250ml

A sparkling sake from the Dewazakura brewery, presented in a 300ml half bottle.

The saku is a sweet style of sake, clear and light bodied. It has a floral nose and a dry finish but is certainly still a sake (rather than a sweet umeshu).

The Dewazakura brewery was established in 1892 in Tendo City, a small town of 60,000 in the Yamagata Prefecture 300 kilometres north of Tokyo.

Best served chilled, this matches well with lemon and citrus infused dishes as well as sushi and sashimi.

It is a junmai – no added alcohol or additives – made with Dewanosato rice grown in Yamagata and polished to 65%.

$24.99 each

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Dewazakura Saku Sparkling Junmai 250ml
$24.99 each