Don Amado Mezcal Reposado 750ml

Don Amado's Oaxacan distillery celebrates two distinct mezcal styles. Don Amado Mezcal is made from agave cooked in a traditional earthen wood roast, while Mina Real's agave are steamed in Oaxacan cantera stone kilns to achieve more floral, aromatic characteristics.

With a 300-year tradition of crafting the libation with all-natural ingredients and expert technique, they naturally ferment their mezcals intact with their crushed agave fiber, and double-distill in locally-produced ceramic pot stills. Aged varieties are barrelled in Domecq brandy casks and finally, all bottling is certified by the Consejo Mexicano Regulador de la Calidad de Mezcal  (COMERCAM).

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Don Amado Mezcals are made from 100 percent estate-grown agave plants that have been smoke- and steam-roasted, naturally fermented and twice-distilled. Don Amado's producers have been making their special mezcal since the year 1700, and are renown throughout Oaxaca for creating a spirit that livens the senses with the citrus, floral effervescence of agave. Don Amado, contains one-third tobala, which is more pungent than espadin.


This mezcal is produced at Real de Minas, a palenque at Santa Catarina Minas, near Ocotlan. The distilling takes place in clay pots, a technique that has almost vanished. German Bonifacio Arellanes Robles roasts the agave over wood transported by burro from distant mountains, a six-hour round trip. It takes about one month to complete one batch.

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Don Amado Mezcal Reposado 750ml
$140.00 each