Del Maguey Vida Single Village Mezcal 750ml

Founded in 1995, Del Maguey Single Village® Mezcal introduced the world to previously unavailable artisanal mezcal.

Through deep cultural relationships with indigenous producers in Oaxaca and Puebla, Mexico, Del Maguey protects and preserves the ancient production processes that have been passed down generationally for hundreds of years.

These traditional methods, combined with the diverse micro-climates and terroir of Mexico, give each expression a unique, complex character that celebrates the art of the family producer.

$99.99 each

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Vida has an aromatic nose of tropical fruit with hint of honey.


Tastes of ginger, cinnamon and a bit of tangerine, with a long, smooth finish.

Varietal Composition:

Del Maguey Vida Single Village Mezcal 750ml
$99.99 each