Toschi Lemoncello Liqueur 700ml

Lemoncello Toschi is made naturally by steeping natural lemon peel in alcohol, without added preservatives or colouring. It alcohol content is 28% by volume.
Served chilled, it is excellent after a meal, but can also be an ideal ingredient in cocktails and long drinks. Adding tonic water to it, you’ll get a perfect, thirst-quenching aperitif.

Since 2008, it has renewed itself several times, as a result of a refined product restyling. Since 2012 Its alcohol content was reduced from 30% to 28% by volume.
The new slender silhouette of the Lemoncello bottle is similar to that of Fragolì and Mirtillì bottles.

The choice of fruit as the main ingredient is underlined by the choice of label type; a transparent stamp on a bright bottle, with a close-up picture of lemons.
The transparent label also enables to enhance the intense yellow colour of liqueur, the same colour of the best lemons.

$56.99 each

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Smooth extract from lemon rinds and sugar in alcohol, made according to the traditional Italian recipe.


A clean, bright and sweet lemon taste with a long lasting finish.

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Toschi Lemoncello Liqueur 700ml
$56.99 each