Knocklofty Dark Kahvi Coffee Liqueur 200ml

Knocklofty spirits are entirely hand produced by three couples at a home based microdistillery at the foothills of Knocklofty in West Hobart, Tasmania.

Knocklofty grain-free spirit is fermented and distilled on site using Tasmanian pepperberry and wattle seed, to produce a distinctive base for their products.

Wherever possible they have used recycled and 2nd hand materials to build their still and distillery.

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Knocklofty Dark Kahvi is an exquisie liqueur developed in collaboration with Villino Coffee Roasters. One for the coffee purists, it is perfectly balanced with an individually distilled coffee botanical and 24 hour cold brew. Enjoy neat, on ice or as the hero in an espresso martini.


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Knocklofty Dark Kahvi Coffee Liqueur 200ml
$28.99 each