Slingsby London Dry Gin 700ml

Slingsby's award-winning London Dry Gin is crafted using locally sourced botanicals that represent the restorative nature of the region of Harrogate, known for its pure water and lovely natural beauty.

The botanicals are complex, with sweet cicely, English Primrose, tart-sweet rhubarb, nettle, fragrant rose-hips, milk thistle, plus Taylor's of Harrogate green and jasmine teas. This is an incredible combination, unique and really embracing the region. The gin is crafted using water from the Harrogate aquifer, a single-grain spirit, and incredibly fresh botanicals. Multiple distillations make the spirit smooth, while perfectly melding the aromatics.

$109.00 each

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Slingsby London Dry Gin 700ml
$109.00 each