Le Gin de Christian Drouin Gin 700ml

The use of Calvados has been developing in cocktail bars for a few years now. This has made Guillaume Drouin discover a new universe as well as spirits that he had but seldom tasted before.

Guillaume had to find seasoning that would best balance, complete and enhance juniper and cider apple. After distilling separately numerous plants, in the same way as a great blend is assembled, a final selection of 8 plants was made, all of them, with the exception of juniper, belonging to the aroma universe of premium Calvados. Creating harmony among these 8 aromas was the next step, then adjusting the recipe and at last understanding that our work process would enable us only to create « small batches » as the one plant at a time distillation process imposes to keep adjusting proportions so as to obtain the best possible blend.

Here then is the first batch of Gin he produced, the only Gin incorporating 30 apple varieties and 8 different aromatics. Each aromatic is separately distilled before being blended in proportions that are unique to each batch.

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Rose and lemon provide delicacy. Ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and almond give the Gin a smooth, spicy body while cardamom enhances its fruit and roundness in the mouth. Juniper and apple complement one another with their heavy or high notes, spicy or crisp.


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Le Gin de Christian Drouin Gin 700ml
$114.00 each