Dodd’s Small Batch Gin 500ml

Bottled at a hefty 49.9%, it's a gloriously full-bodied gin-lovers gin, and certainly the finest Martini gin that we've ever come across.

It is firstly intensely aromatic, with a heady perfume of spruce and pine resin from the Juniper as well as some softer notes from the honey.

And then there's the palate. To paraphrase that legendary tagline, this reaches parts of the mouth wot other gins can't. It's a deep and intense, creamy, full bodied gin in the mouth with a sappy, racy, spicy energy and drive that only the very finest gins can match. It's also super complex with lavender and resin juniper notes, citrus pithy freshness and subtle notes of jasmine and green tea. And then, towards the end, all kinds of spice kicks in with a crack of black pepper warmth, plenty of brown spice and some woodsy bracken from the black cardamom. This spiciness is perfectly balanced by the pillowy, glycerol rich texture.

A killer gin that we are very proud to offer our clientele.

$89.99 each

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This is a complex, audacious gin (which happens to by 96% organic) that holds its own against the very best. Whether served neat, in a Dodd's Martini, gin and tonic, or in classic cocktails such as the Martinez or Negroni, this is gin (and presentation) in its boldest, most sustainable guise.


Key Botanicals: Juniper, Angelica, fresh lime peel, red raspberry leaf, bay laurel, green & black cardamom, and London honey.

Varietal Composition:

Dodd’s Small Batch Gin 500ml
$89.99 each