Animus Distillery Ambrosian Gin 700ml

Animus Distillery was founded in 2015, by four friends with a shared passion for producing world-class spirits. Initially starting with round-the-clock research and development in their Fitzroy North garage, they quickly outgrew this space and expanded to a larger rural property, before establishing their distillery in Kyneton, Central Victoria. Capturing the soul of the freshest ingredients for their gin is central to their production philosophy.

50% ABV.
There is genius here. This is Animus’ ode to Australia’s love affair with South East Asian flavours. It’s a zesty, spicy, gin that has an effortless, almost fluffy texture across the palate. There are bright, tangy notes thanks to fresh mandarin, lime and young kaffir lime leaf. The punchy, fresh ginger and galangal brings rooty intensity and earthy, spicy notes.

$119.00 each

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Utilising the bold flavours of mandarin, kaffir lime and white sesame, along with fresh tumeric, galangal and ginger, Animus Ambrosian is a bold reinterpretation of gin rich with both Australian and South East Asian influences.

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Animus Distillery Ambrosian Gin 700ml
$119.00 each