23rd St Signature Gin 700ml

“Our Distillery is home to three South Australian built copper-stills of the same vintage as our building. Each still has approximately a 7,500-litre capacity. Years of hard work, running repairs and relocations have given them a pre-loved patina. These fine old girls are the living pulse of our distillery, they add a little well-experienced, knowing sass to every drop.” – 23rd Street Distillery

Enjoy neat, as the star of a cocktail or mixed with tonic or soda and garnished with citrus.

$76.99 each

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Aromas are led by juniper, Riverland mandarin and coriander, with hints of spices.


On the palate, juniper is closely followed by a mandarin middle and fresh lime on the back palate. Spices support with softness and complexity.

Varietal Composition:

23rd St Signature Gin 700ml
$76.99 each