St Agnes VSOP Brandy 5 Year Old 700ml

The St. Agnes range of brandies was founded in 1925 and today is Australia's most highly awarded and number one selling brandy. Its success, to some degree can be attributed to the "no compromise in quality" approach adopted since those early days. The company philosophy on brandy production revolves around the pot still, small batch process followed by many years maturation in small, oak casks.

All the brandies in the St. Agnes range are pot still brandies. This means the commitment to quality starts early.

$49.99 each

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St Agnes VSOP 5 Year Old Brandy shows good spirit with great depth and ageing in traditional oak barrels has imparted soft, slightly sweet oak after-flavours that complement the full flavoured palate.


This fine brandy is as eminently suitable to be enjoyed neat or with a little ice or water, as it is to be consumed with a mixer. It is a skilfully balanced blend that clearly shows the complexing effects achieved with extra barrel ageing.

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St Agnes VSOP Brandy 5 Year Old 700ml
$49.99 each