Metaxa Brandy 7 Star 700ml

1888: Spyros Metaxa creates, possibly, the smoothest amber spirit under the Sun.

Ever since, the art of wine-making, distilling, ageing and blending creates the unique METAXA style.

METAXA 7 Stars has a mature fruit character revealing intense notes of noble muscat nourished by the sun of the Aegean islands.

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Dark amber with old gold reflections, elegant, warm and fruity intense muscat and ripe peach, dried prune, carob and herbal honey.


Balanced texture, warm, pleasantly spicy, with notes of fire honey and black raisin. The finish is velvety, with a pleasant finish of black raisin.

Varietal Composition:

Metaxa Brandy 7 Star 700ml
$64.99 each