Chateau Chantelle Traditional Brandy 700ml

Chateau Chantelle brandy has been crafted with infinite care and attention using traditional manufacturing methods. Their Australian winemakers have produced a liquor of outstanding quality which will delight the palate in every way. It will drink well at any time of the day, but particularly after an excellent meal with your favourite cheese or fruit.

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Contains ripe fruit notes (bruised apple), a hint of spices, mellow wood tones with an essence of roasted nuts and vanilla.


The palate is nutty with a slight sweet musket note. The smooth body carries a mellow taste of butterscotch and baked spices, while notes of plum and fig are rounded by intense oaky notes. The finish is of medium length with wood and spice.

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Chateau Chantelle Traditional Brandy 700ml
$44.99 each