Wild Turkey 101 Proof 700ml

Crafted in Lawrenceburg distillery in the heart of Kentucky, Wild Turkey 101 is a genuine super-premium bourbon.  Adhering to the genuine craft values and distillation processes that they refuse to give up, it’s a testament to their refusal to compromise on standards of excellence.

Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell tells it this way, "We make Wild Turkey the old-fashioned way. It's a totally natural process which takes substantially more time and money, but we believe it's worth it."  

Poorer quality premium bourbons are distilled at higher proofs, as they are less expensive to manufacture that way, and then watered down to reduce the proof before bottling. However, as Wild Turkey comes out of the barrel at around 109°, it only requires a little water to be added and therefore retains it true bourbon flavour.  Jimmy likens it to making a great soup; if you cook it longer at a lower temperature, you retain the best flavours…

$74.99 each

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Wild Turkey 101 Proof 700ml
$74.99 each