Starward Fortis Whisky 700ml

Fortis starts and ends with local Australian ingredients and expert Melbourne craftsmanship. They make the single malt with Australian malted barley and brewers’ yeast for a flavour-forward character. 

Fortis, coming from the Latin meaning ‘bold’ or ‘brave’, brings the intensity.

It’s one of the highest proof bottlings they've ever done, deftly balanced by our signature Starward smoothness.

With the toasty oak and vanilla flavour from American Oak, and the juicy red wine profile from the shiraz and cabernet wine barrels, the boldness of Fortis beckons.

$149.99 each

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A rich, full-bodied flavour balanced with the approachable velvety smoothness Starward whiskies are known for. Expect upfront notes of Madagascan vanilla pod and toasty oak.


The palate is all chocolate ganache, cinnamon, quince and Muscadelle raisin with a lingering baking spiced finish.

Varietal Composition:

Starward Fortis Whisky 700ml
$149.99 each