Rumball Sparkling Merlot
This is the third Rumball NV Sparkling Merlot. M3 Sparkling Merlot is made from 100% Coonawarra Merlot. It was sourced from the Hotel Paddock North and Julia Hill vineyards at Coonawarra in the South East of South Australia. Coonawarra is a premium cool climate grapegrowing region of Australia , and the area contributes to the intense floral nose the Merlot.
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Enjoy now or 2 to 3 years
Barbeque lamb, Deep fried Turkey or Duck; and soft cheeses such as White Castella or Brie
The softness and violet character of the merlot fruit shows through on the palate and the finish is well balanced.
Raspberry and blueberry characters with a lovelly soft finish. The basewine receives only minimal oak storage, to ensure the lovely floral characters are not lost.
Varietal Composition: