Our organic wine journey began back in 2015 with the two of us, and a burning passion for making a premium range of Organic & Preservative Free wines, to rival the best of the conventional winemakers. Grown ‘from the ground up’ we’ve now focused our 30 years of collective wine industry experience on growing and making a premium level of 100% Organic and Preservative Free wines for Australian wine lovers. Now 3 years on, in what seems like a heartbeat, Organic Hill has grown into one of the country’s finest and fastest growing Organic wine ranges. Oh, and the name? Well, it was a ‘no-brainer’ really – We live on a "Hill", and we both love all things organic. Tanya Blair- Organic Hill Wines
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A perfect pairing with grilled scallops, oysters au naturel, sashim or a crisp rocket, pear and walnut salad.
A gorgeous pale straw in coulour. The nose is fresh and vibrant with hints of apple and citrus.
Crisp and Delicate on the palate with Nashi Pear and mineral undertones. No preservatives to this wine to produce a young, fresh and vibrant sparkling to be consumed in its youth
Varietal Composition: