Wildbrumby Sour Apple Liqueur Schnapps 500ml


The Thredbo region is renowned for its pristine and delicate ecology and natural beauty. Monika and Brad have built their business on the guiding principle of treading lightly. They have implemented a number of environmentally sustainable initiatives including worm farming, tree planting and revegetation, on-site effluent treatment, solar hot water and solar passive building design.
Committed to environmental best-practice, they have now embarked on formal accreditation of their business via the Climate Action Australia certification (CAAC) program.

Like a refreshing crunchy, liquid apple, this very Australian liqueur schnapps has a strong apple aroma and a rich, sweet finish. Made from tree-ripened pink lady apples first grown in Western Australia, our very Aussie schnapps is enjoyed neat over ice, or in a bellini cocktail.

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Granny Smith apples and pickled lemons.


Very popular in the mountain regions of Europe as a drink on its own, it also mixes well with soda, mineral or tonic water and is quite refreshing over ice on a hot day and sipped.

Varietal Composition:

Sour Apple
Wildbrumby Sour Apple Liqueur Schnapps 500ml
Original price was: $40.99.Current price is: $38.90. each