Leasingham Classic Clare Sparkling Shiraz 2004
Established in 1893, Leasingham has been an integral part of the Clare Valley for over 100 years. Today, Leasingham select only the most outstanding wines for release under the premium Classic Clare label. Consistent show success rewards the depth and integrity of these distinctly regional wines.
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Enjoy now or 2 to 3 years
Smoked turkey, rare roast beef and aged cheese.
Ripe berry fruit and spice on the nose, complemented with leather and camphor wood characters. Prominent yeast and autolytic aromas further add to this complex wine.
Soft and full bodied with complex flavours of black plum, mature oak and yeast autolysis, the palate show subtle creamy oak, concentrated complex flavours and fine persistent tannin. It is liquered to a point of richness, however the balanced palate finishes dry due to the natural tannins and acidity.
Varietal Composition: