Kew Organic Orangery Triple Sec 500ml
35% ABV. 500ml. This delightful organic Triple Sec is named after the iconic 'Orangery' building at Kew Gardens, built in 1761. Why a Triple-Sec I asked its creators? I mean, Triple Sec is far from the raciest spirit category out there. Simply, the distillers were loath to throw out all the orangey 'leftovers' from the Kew Gin recipes and besides, who wouldn't love a proper, organic, craft Triple Sec to use for their craft Margarita? The result, as expected from anything that comes from this distillery, is an antithesis of commercially produced examples. Firstly it's handcrafted over three months in small batches from organic oranges, hand cut and dehydrated in-house. Then, there's the fact that it is only lightly sweetened - try 60g/l, roughly a quarter of what the well-known brands use. Produced in conjunction with the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew, Orangery is blended from three separate distillations of three types of orange, including Seville orange (hand cut and dehydrated in-house), blood orange and sweet orange peel, from Navel and/or Valencia etc., depending on the season. Each maceration is distilled separately before being blended, lightly sweetened and married in mature ex-Bourbon casks for a number of weeks. The spirit is then allowed to settle naturally before being bottled, unfiltered.
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Varietal Composition:
Orange Liqueur