Houraisen Beshi Junmai 300ml
Sekiya Brewery Co Ltd, producing Sake under the brand name Houraisen, was established in 1864 in the Prefecture of Aichi, about halfway between Tokyo and Osaka. Houraisen have two breweries, one being their ‘Ginjo workshop’ which was established in 2004 where they provide educational training on the production of Ginjo style sake, and the other, their traditional brewery, where all of the Houraisen sake's are made and where they combine their traditional sake brewing skills with the modern equipment available to them. Houraisen own about 20 ha of their own rice paddocks, and grow rice suited to the region. The brewery and water source are located in the mountains at around 500m above sea level, so the climate is cool throughout the year, and is ideal for the growing of rice and production of sake. The water source available to Houraisen is some of the softest water in Japan, and it has no magnesium or calcium which means the sake they produce is very 'soft'. Whilst almost 150 years old, Houraisen are considered one of the most modern and innovative sake producers in Japan. The average polishing rate across all the sake they produce is 50% (Daiginjo level).
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Grilled eel, chicken grilled with salty seasoning, cucumber pickles and Yakitori. We also suggest cream-sauce based dishes, grilled lamb and pizza.
The name Beshi comes from an old poem, and is used to name this sake. 'Tokubetsu means 'special'. With this sake, it is special because the rice is polished to Ginjo level and also fermented at low temperature as you with sake at the Daiginjo level.
Consequently this sake offers exceptional value. This beautifully balanced Junmai has a gentle nose filled with grains, brown mushroom, yellow flower and ripe fruit. The fine acidity provides backbone and structure, whilst there is a fullness on the palate, coupled with a smoothness with a nice dry finish.
Varietal Composition: