Grant Burge Age Unknown Liqueur Muscat
This exceptional liqueur muscat is made from muscat à petit grains. Though records don't allow calculation of the wine’s precise age, its average age is at least 20 years. While old material is crucial to the wine’s richness and complexity, careful blending with younger material provides the wine with muscat fruit characters. A limited quantity of muscat is drawn for bottling each year and the barrels topped up with selected younger wine.
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Dessert, Cheeses, or is just fine on its own.
Age Unknown Liqueur Muscat is a luscious, complex wine with enormous depth of rich, powerful flavours.
While the wine shows ample aged rancio characters, it is crucial that these characters don't dominate. Careful blending has ensured that they are balanced by fresh muscat fruit flavours to produce a wine that is sweet but finishes cleanly and without being at all cloying.
Varietal Composition:
Muscat a Petit Grains