Go Shu Australian Sake 740ml
Sake has been known since the dawn of Japanese civilisation, and probably since rice was first introduced to Japan from Asia about 2,000 years ago. It is an alcoholic beverage produced from rice in much the same way that beer is brewed from wheat and barley, but it is termed a rice wine because its alcohol content is similar to grape wines. In short, sake is brewed like a beer, but is served and enjoyed like a fine wine. Sake has had an honoured role throughout the evolution of Japanese society. In early times, sake drinking was an integral part of celebrating the harvest and was offered to the gods when praying for peace and prosperity. Konishi, Sun Masamune’s parent company, started brewing sake in Japan in 1550 as a sideline to its herbal medicine production.
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Smooth balanced flavour with fruity notes.
A hint of bitterness and a dry finish.
Varietal Composition: