Domaine Rieflé Côtes de Rouffach Pinot Gris 2011
The AOC ALSACE CÔTE DE ROUFFACH is located south of the vineyards of Alsace on the slopes facing east, the villages of Pfaffenheim, Rouffach and Westhalten. The area is part of a geological fracture field caused 50 million years ago by the collapse of the former Vosges-Black Forest massif. It is protected from the prevailing oceanic winds by the highest peaks of the Vosges. These massive soils, strongly limestone, offer power, warmth, and minerality to the wines they generate. Structure and elegance are the two main elements that qualify the wines of AOC Alsace Côte de Rouffach. Their structure is based on the quality of the fine acidity and the strong maturity of the grapes, especially for the reds. The delicacy is linked to the aromatic palette that comes with notes of citrus fruits, stone fruits, such as peach or apricot and pome fruits such as quince. Black Pinots commonly reveal aromas of red fruits and notes of blackberry and blueberry on those of great maturity.
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Creamy dishes and strong cheeses
White stone fruits (apricot, peach).
It is a concentrated and fat wine with a semi-dry balance marked by a fine acid structure typical of the clay-limestone of the Côte de Rouffach
Varietal Composition:
Pinot Gris