Pinot Grigio is the Italian name for the variety known as Pinot Gris in France. In France it is grown in Burgundy and particularly in Alsace where it produces richly flavoured wines. Although French in origin it is more widely planted in Germany, where it is known as Rulander, and Italy where it is grown in the north-east regions of Friuli, Alto Adige and Veneto, and as far south as Emilia-Romagna. In Australia the cool climates of Tasmania are perfect for getting flavoursome and crisp Pinot Grigio
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Crumbed and grilled sardines with a squeeze of lemon
Fermented in tank under protective conditions and cool temperature to preserve aromatic qualities
Vibrant and youthful in colour. It is fragrant and enticing with highlights of pears and tropical fruit, against an attractive herbal backdrop.
The palate is showing excellent weight and intensity and loaded with the flavour of ripe, yellow pears and apple alongside some spice and savoury notes. The finish is crisp and clean and with enough acidity to leave the mouth watering for more. Dink while young and fresh.
Varietal Composition:
Pinot Grigio