Dancing Sands Distillery Sacred Saffron Gin 700ml
A rare thing indeed Saffron is one of the world's most cherished ingredients. Used for centuries in healing, it has mystical properties. Over 8,000 crocus flowers were hand-picked to make a single batch of their gin. Combined with cardamom and blended with rosebud infused water, Sacred Spring Saffron gin is exotic, spicy, and lightly floral. Their water is drawn from the aquifer that feeds Golden Bay's Te Waikoropupu Springs (The Place of the Dancing Sands), the clearest spring in the world, which has an optical clarity measured to 63 metres.
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The gin has a brilliant golden hay colour that reflects its taste profile. You're greeted with the unmistakable nose of saffron.
On the palate, a honey / semi-sweet taste with hay-like undertones greet you followed by the warming of cardamom and spice and a buttery soft finish. There is a lingering sweetness from the rosebud water that is quite gentle.
Varietal Composition: