Cortijo Del Alto Quebranta Pisco 500ml
Pisco is a spirit produced from fermented musts pisco grapes distilled in traditional stills of copper and having a rest of three to four months before bottling. Pisco is the best grape brandy in the world because it is actually a distillation of pure grape juice, without any additional ingredient. This makes for a unique drink which differs from the rest of other liquors for their individual and unique features. The Pisco is made from freshly fermented mash, which is actually a wine distillate. Other spirits are made by distilling pomace, which remains after pressing grapes to make wine, including shells, pips and the part holding bunch of grapes. The national drink of Peru does not go through certain processes of rectification as happens with other spirits, those who need to be aged in wooden barrels for new features. The Pisco not require the use of distilled water to regulate alcohol content, as is done with other drinks.
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The secret lies in the perfection of its simplicity, following the traditional methods of preparation of Pisco, using selected and meeting quality standards grapes, ensuring the nature of brandy distilled from fermented mash of pure grape, highlighting its elegance, fine aromas and flavors during the experience of pure drink or a cocktail.
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