Canadian Club 20 Year Old 750ml
There are many versions of Canadian Club, among them a 6-year-old mixer, called Canadian Club Premium; the cedary 8-year-old Black Label; a scrumptious 10-year-old hard rye, the Reserve; and the sweet, toffeed 12 year old Canadian Club Classic. Each of these is made using a different mash bill, an assortment of barrels, and of course, different ageing regimens. To some degree, Canadian Club differentiates itself from other Canadian whiskies with its ‘barrel blending’ process. The individual spirits are vatted together shortly after they are distilled then put to age for 6, 8, 10, or 12 years in the Canadian Club warehouses in Pike Creek, just north of Windsor, Ontario. But every now and then, when the time comes to dump the barrels, a few are set aside in the warehouse where they continue to mature. So it is with Canadian Club 20 year old. This is exactly the same whisky as the 6-year-old mixer, but it has simply been left in the barrel for an additional 14 years. And oh what a difference 14 years can make! Although much has been said about Canadian Club’s limited edition 30-year-old version—and the 30 year old is without doubt a particularly tasty CC—to my palate, this 20 year old easily surpasses the 30 to lead the pack as the best of a pretty good bunch that wears the Canadian Club label. A profusion of flavours melded into one, amply demonstrate that barrel blending is more than marketing hype, for this 20-year-old rendition is one complex and highly integrated whisky.
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