Black Tomato gin is something rather different. From the short matt black bottle to it’s salty-sweet, almost vegetal taste, this gin really has the power to split opinion. Black Tomato gin is distilled in the authentic harbour of Bruinisse at the Kampen Distillery. The distillery faces the clear waters of the Oosterschelde which the biggest National park in the Netherlands. When the tide comes in, the Oosterschelde is filled with 8 billion litres of fresh salt water and it’s this salt water that gives the gin its salty flavour. When you first smell this gin, you get a strong whiff of juniper and alcohol. It’s only after giving it a few swirls that the familiar tomato fragrance becomes apparent – a warm, sweet scent with hints of grass. Taste neat and you’re hit by a wave of tomato followed by a lasting tingle on the tongue. Mixed with a bit of tonic and the flavours are further enhanced. The tomato builds in the mouth and gives you rather un-gin like sweet drink with a subtle spiciness thrown in
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Tomato Gin