Capital Brewing XPA 4 x 375ml

Capital Brewing Co-founders Managing Directors Tom Hertel and Laurence Kain Grew up in Canberra just one suburb apart. Their paths crossed for the first time in 2005 when they both started working in bars around Canberra. It was here that they bonded of a shared love of quality beverages and the hospitality trade.

In September 2016 Capital Brewing Co launched.

Today, after a whole lot of yeast, hops and hard work, Capital Brewing Co is one of the largest independent craft breweries in Australia with a team of 60 plus.


A bright tropical number with a hint of citrus, very refreshing and delightfully easy to drink. Like a calypso sunset in a can.

$18.99 each

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Capital Brewing XPA 4 x 375ml
$18.99 each