Atze's Corner John & Barbs Old Vine Grenache 2012
This is one that you won’t see around in too many places, actually you can count the amount of place on one, emmm finger! That’s right only one restaurant in all Australia stocks this wine as it is a bit of a hard sell for the sales team given the high alcohol volume and the fashions toward low alcohol wines these days. Who cares!? The wines a ripper and well balanced so why would anyone care! This is from a vineyard that John and Barb planted back in 1975 and it is their oldest surviving vineyard that they planted on the Atze’s Corner estate. It’s a mongrel to prune being so old but dishes out some ridiculously good fruit when the vintage is bang on!
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Enjoy now 5-7 years
Braised Ribs and Mushroom sauce
Red fruit and herbal aromatics
The 2012 was one of those years and the lengthy ripening have given this wine roundness, lolly richness and a real burst of powerful flavour like very few other Grenache wines on the market.
Varietal Composition: