Lust - the inappropriately strong desire of wanting to the degree of being morally wrong. Very fitting... Introducing Part 2 of their Seven Deadly Gins! Gin of Lust - boy was this a creative project! First, they started with a floral grape spirit with a pleasant waxy-like mouthfeel and texture - then they macerated fresh cherries from the 2016 harvest for a whole year (courtesy of the glorious Lennane Orchards). They distilled this into a crystal clear cherry-rich spirit - then macerated a further 50 kg of fresh Raspberries from their friends out at Springwood Farm (the best raspberries in the Adelaide Hills!) - after a week - they drained this sticky, thick, semi-sweet (and bright pink) liquid and infused it with a super-bright Gin they crafted from Lavender, Vanilla, Camomile, Earl Grey, Cinnamon and Star Anise! As with all their Limited Edition Gins - a double-dose of Juniper was mandatory.
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